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The more prepared you are the faster we can get your product to you. We are here to help and answer questions, so what do you need to know about screen printing? Overall, screen printing works on a multitude of materials such as glass, metal, wood, plastic, paper; pretty much if you can name it, it can be screen printed. Regarding textiles though, the most common shirt materials are cotton, polyester and tri-blend, a combination of Rayon and the previous two textiles. At Brand & Design Co., we like working with screen printing because of the versatility on materials and how durable the finished product is. Simple designs are best for screen printing and are great for a high print volume. Essentially, the more the merrier!

Screen printing’s downside comes during production. Set up is lengthy whether the order is 12 or 500 shirts. That being noted, the absolute minimum shirt order is 6 but then your order is going to be expensive because of the time and effort in the set up. Our suggested minimum would be 12. Many print shops have common Pantone ink colors available but can be limited to others. If you must have a specific Pantone color that isn’t commonly available, there is often an up charge. Don’t forget, the more colors in your design, the more expensive it is because each color gets its own screen, thus more set up time. With the lengthy set up and to provide you with the best product, production time is 2 weeks. If you have an in-hand date that is closer than 2 weeks, give us a call and we will see what kind of magic we can do.


Flexible Print Material Options

Best for Simple Designs

Great for High Print Volume



Only Good for High Volume

Lengthy Setup

Slow Turnaround Time

Limited Colors


After reading through this you may realize that screen printing on your items may not be what you are looking for. What are the other options? Go to the Embroidery or Other Printing Methods Tabs in ABOUT to see other kinds of decorating we offer.

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