Order Process



Hypothetically, you have an event coming up and you need to have your items a few days ahead of the event date. When should you put your order in? How long will the process take from beginning to end? Like many things, it depends. Factors to consider are, item(s), quantity, budget, art, and production.

Working from the end to the beginning steps helps us better plan your order. Production is the most standard part of the timeline. Apparel takes 2 weeks. Most other items are about 2 weeks, give or take a few days on either end. If you need your items faster though, depending on the vendor, we can have a rush lead time added to your order, or we can expedite shipping. Both options do come with an additional fee.

What do you have for artwork? Is it currently an idea, or do you have a vector file ready to go? If you don’t have artwork for us, no problem. We will need the information you would like on it, or a visual that you are thinking of, and our graphic designer will create it. This may go back and forth until we have it just right for you. Once we have a vector file (ai, eps, svg) from you or we’ve created one, and we have determined that it will meet printing specifications, we send you an art proof to confirm. Once you have approved the art proof and the Order Acknowledgement, then we are off to the production races!

What is an Order Acknowledgement? It is proof of what item(s) you have selected, the color(s) you would like it to be, the sizes you’ve chosen, how many of each, and the cost of all of them on a document. This part of the order process has a lot of questions for you to answer, and we can help. If you have a general idea for an item, we can do a price comparison and send you a presentation of that type of item and you can select which one you would prefer. If you have some chosen from our website, even better. With the current state of the supply chain, we will have to double check to make sure your chosen items are in stock. Once you have confirmed your order acknowledgement and the art proof, we send the order to production and then all you do is wait for an email with an invoice saying your order is complete!

The more prepared you are, the faster we can get your product to you. We are here to help and answer questions. If you are unsure of what you are looking for can be done by when you need it, please give us a call and we will see what magic we can do. We want to help you in any way we can because it’s your brand. Our expertise.

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