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You need a singular place to have people from work, community, or the team you sponsor buy the items that will benefit your fundraiser or brand. People from work live in different cities, and you don’t want to go door to door bothering your neighbors if they want to support the fundraiser. Here at Brand and Design Co. all we do is send you the link, and you can disperse as you wish.

We set up a timeline first. We find out when your event day is and work backwards. We can have the store run as long or as short as need be. We work with you to pick the items in your store. We stay up to date on current trends and clothing staples. Accessories, signs, tickets to an event can also be sold online. When we have your artwork finalized, we brand your store with a personalized store front banner. When people see this, they know that they are in the correct spot. If this is a private work event, we will only give you the link to disperse through your company. If this is a community fundraiser let us know! We can share with your community via social media and help spread the word. Then you need to inform people to follow Brand and Design Co. and like us on Facebook and Instagram so they can share the link and buy some of the fundraising merchandise!

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